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Metallic hardcore that makes no bones about being influenced by bands such as Ringworm and Sworn Enemy is what Pittsburgh, PA quintet Unreal City unleashes on EPHEMERAL SUBSISTENCE. Crustier than your average hardcore band, this unit's tell it like it is delivery captured by Bill Korecky at Cleveland metal shrine Mars Studio coupled with a proficient guitar prowess (just check the multitude of solos on closer "Beyond Reality") catapults this crew to the ranks of the likes of Leeway and Integrity for properly pinning down the old school tones that get the dancefloor active on cuts like "Moral Sermon" and the crushing "Fabricated". Expertly exhibiting a gritty musical underbelly with matching lyrical disdain, menacing tracks "Swine" and "Synthesis of Paranoia" chug at a mauling mid-tempo pace perfect for a circle-pit entry crawl while the haunting intro of "In the Council of Demons" summons up Swedish melodeath at its most effective before blasting into a coarse screamed ode to despair. Gruff and unapologetic, Unreal City's debut endeavor respectfully accepts the torch of '90s metallic hardcore and follows through with reverence and ferocity.
- Mike SOS