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What started out as a joke has become serious business based on INTERVALS, the sophomore 17-track affair from Michigan maulers See You Next Tuesday. Gone are the band's blatant scene point scoring long-ass nonsensical titles while the much-maligned breakdowns, an once-integral part of this quartet's arsenal, are used less frequently than on previous offering PARASITE. Opting instead to immerse themselves fully into a grindcore state of mind (the under five-second blast "Alpha" and the 38 second "Nightmares" being fitting examples), this group displays traces of metallic maturation that occasionally comes up for a shot of face-ripping deathcore ("In The Beginning"), all the while exhibiting their exploratory edge ("She Once Said I Was A Romantic") Chock full of chaotic tempo changes (the drums smoke here) and blistering guitar and bass work ("Goodnight (Our Last Dance)", "One of These Days"), this unit seems to have shed most of its musical baby fat, but songs like the bland three-minute o' stock chug "Dedication to a New Era" and the stagnant "Forever on Deaf Ears", while commendably visit to a discernibly slower uncharted area, suggest they've got a bit more work to do before staking claim on a higher position on the metal food chain. Nonetheless, the latest disc from See You Next Tuesday denotes a positive stylistic shift ripe with maddening grindcore that allows this bunch of brootal doods to take it to the next level without losing the best of what brought them there.
- Mike SOS