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Nightingale is the brainchild of Swedish metal master Dan Swano, yet don't let Swano's moniker or his place of residence sway you from the style that his quartet plays under. There's a lot more going on in ALIVE AGAIN than meets the eye. For starters, the track listings start at 27 and end at 35, suggesting that this, the fourth installment from Nightingale, is a continuing project and an ongoing saga. Add in some well textured hard rock whose leanings change from track to track; in "The Glory Days", it takes a '80s power ballad turn without all of the pomp and frivolity, while "Into The Light" screams for vengeance in the vein of the classic NWOBHM swagger. Admittedly very digital, the ambience displayed on ALIVE AGAIN gives the work a progressive tone, while a solid background in all things metal keeps the entire 10 track offering grounded in the metal realm. Nightingale even goes so far as to take a Beatles-esque majestic quality and throw it over piping keys on "The One", probably the collection's most climactic moment. Many metal purists may turn their noses on ALIVE AGAIN, yet those with an ear for detail and a love of sturdy songwriting and hard rock on the whole will have no problem Nightingale's latest eclectic release.
- Mike SOS