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Tasmanian technical metal troupe Psycroptic display nine tracks of diabolic grooves with dizzying musicianship on OB(SERVANT). With a heavily-influenced Dimebag growl audible on many of the chunky riffs sprinkled amongst the maddening metallic minefield of double bass dramatics, cuts like "The Shifting Equilibrium" and the uninhibitedly evil vocals of "Horde in Devolution" slay with '90s metal power, while the old school pummel of "Slaves of Nil" and the somber intro into roaring blasts of death metal found on "Initiate" highlight samples of this quartet firing on all cylinders. Constantly challenging the listener with tumultuous tempo shifts while providing ample parts thrash, death, and technical in the mix, Psycroptic's brand of extreme metal is steeped in futuristic visions, fueled by explorations of legacies of brutality to comprise this unit's metallic fury.
- Mike SOS