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Ohio Christian metalcore troupe Inhale/Exhale exhibit an admirable strain of Underoath meets tough guy hardcore on their latest 11-track disc I SWEAR.... Tracks like "The Impatient Will Suffer" benefits from a smorgasbord of strong guitar parts even though the hook is blatant and generic, "I Live the Bad Life" keeps a menacing pace that wouldn't sound out of place on a Terror album before throwing in melodic singing and an Unearth-like gallop while"The Words We Have Chosen" comes across as Thrice when heavy before token angsty metalcore choruses overcome. While this unit has undergone a flurry of lineup changes, they've managed to step up their musical prowess and still can wield the explosiveness necessary for songs like "I Needed A Spaceship" to make knees buckle, yet ultimately fall prey to relying on the genre's basics too much, hampering Inhale/Exhale in their quest to resonate (sans a few great moments) with anything that you haven't heard before.
- Mike SOS