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DIY ethics and a true passion for the music that continues to be important to them drives the Massachusetts trio known as Sinaloa, gracefully shown on the unit's latest 10-track offering OCEANS OF ISLANDS. Post-hardcore and indie rock do battle within the confines of this act's rehearsal space often according to these songs, as this band is well-versed at whipping up noisy jolts of dissonance such as "Name Names". Sincere in their approach and refined in their delivery, tracks like "What We Could Not Move" exhibits the band's rousing output, boasting an unexpectedly intrusive shot of melody (complete with trumpet no less) while tasteful percussion propels "Ashes of Giants" and "No Bearing" captures this squad in full-on moody math rock mode, sounding like a cross between Snapcase and Rites of Spring. Everyone sings, everyone writes, and everyone pours their heart out here, making this band of buddies a bunch to behold as remainders of the early days when emo wasn't a maligned moniker but in fact still a groundbreaking form of music on the cusp on bigger things.
- Mike SOS