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Menacing Danish quintet The Psyke Project deconstruct the notions of modern hardcore into shards of blissful post-metal meltdown on APNEA, this unit's latest 10-track affair. With influences spanning Converge to Neurosis to Gojira to Refused all rearing their heads at some point across this disc, all bases are covered as this group throws down the debilitating sonic crush audible on the panoramic "Jugganata" or the viscous yet melodically pummeling "I Get Paralyzed". Chock full of challenging musical movements and complex switches keeping ears on constant alert , this group's hardcore depth is wrought with an abjectly off-kilter fervor, allowing their out of the box tendencies showcased on the multi-layered hypnotic vibe of "Creating Landscapes" to truly shine. Rest assured, this band stands out amongst the crowded pack thanks to the chilling and hardhearted batterings APNEA doles out.
- Mike SOS