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The Melvins are an iconic underground band by all accounts, constantly evolving despite chronic cases of band member fallout. Combining their wares once again with the duo Big Business (which gives the band 2 drummers in addition to a new bassist), The Melvins can now add swagger to their long list of attributes according to their latest 11-track disc NUDE WITH BOOTS. Melding a savage blend of Led Zeppelin and Nirvana into shards of ZZ Top-like boogie for a good portion of this veteran unit's most accessible work, this disc reveals yet another facet of this Bay Area band's vast musical repertoire. Longtime fans will be taken aback from the arena rock shake and the unusual strips of brightness permeating through the camaro-rock of the title cut, as well as the big rock sound employed on "The Kicking Machine" and "Suicide in Progress", but can rest easy knowing that there are trademark moments of menace and malice lurking through tracks like the spiraling "It Tastes Better Than The Truth", the drone interpretation of "Dies Iraea" and the wickedly sludgy kick of "The Smiling Cobra" to round out the overall experience. The Melvins never fail to push past the point of no return while teetering between the experimental and the brink of the mainstream, and NUDE WITH BOOTS displays this band acting as a fully intact entity while fully enjoying their well-earned right to perpetually bend the rules, even within their own context.
- Mike SOS