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Taking rock 'n roll back to its blues-based smoky backroom roots, the Long Island quintet The Headie Berrie unfurl their colorful guitar rock flag on the quintet's four-song EP MORNING TOAST. This act's no-frills approach to the basics comes complete with a hard rock yowl yielding to tasty bits of harmonica strewn in for good measure and trippy bell-bottom musical jams infused with a bevy of wah-wah guitar bravado ("Blank Tablature"), melding the attitudes of arena rock heroes from the '70s through the grunge era "(Musician"). Capable of making their large than life retro rock sound convincing thanks to their monster chops and durable riffs ("Mushroom T"), this throwback troupe turns the burners up for a raucous ride bursting with badass boogie that folks who like to kick out the freedom rock will totally latch onto.
- Mike SOS