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The dynamic NYC duo known as Object holds their ground and maintains their grunge-laden hard rock stance on the tandem's latest 12-track excursion BLACK SWAN. Built from a sturdy foundation of tasty riffs and thunderous drums and cymbals colliding into each other with the controlled recklessness of the early goings of a demolition derby, cuts like "Clones" demonstrates the stoner slacker movement championed by acts like Fu Manchu and "Always" comes off as a Queens of the Stone Age b-side while "The Feeling" displays a durable array of fuzzed-out fretwork that summons a totally tripped-out vibe. Channeling icons of '90s rock without disabling their own identity ("Ghostly", "Off the Record") yet still able to offer more than a retro sound thanks to the fiery and timeless hard rock chops showcased, Object combines the wares of The Toadies, Nirvana, Burning Brides, and Dinosaur Jr. for a rousing listening experience that those who come to rock shall not be disappointed by.
- Mike SOS