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NYC progressive death metal squad Hung bring an experimental twist to the heavier end of the metal spectrum that instantly grabs your attention on their five-track collection PROGENY. With an evil vocal rasp leading the charge, the key ingredient which sets Hung apart is the frantic and foreboding violin (yes you read that right) of Lyris Hung, often played with nuances of lead guitar in mind, creating a pristine yet haunting sound that truly radiates something unique. It doesn't hurt that the rest of the group consistently showcases dextrous musical proficiency at every step (especially with the bass) while churning out weighty pieces of music shrouded in demonic bliss and brazen with technical ecstasy such as "Maria". This quintet juxtaposes black metal's iconic intolerance and progressive metal's mesmerizing musicianship into grandiose compositions laden in hellfire to create the closest thing NYC has ever come to their own version of pagan metal. If you dig the true metal underground at its most expansive, Hung will not disappoint.
- Mike SOS