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Hand to Hand is listed by their record label as a hardcore emo rock group, which in fairness to all involved is a good description, fitting the bill for this collective from Orlando, FL. This versatile unit amps up My Chemical Romance-like melodic rock to Trivium-like levels of intense new school metal while taking post-hardcore turns along the style of Underoath and From First to Last. Confused? Luckily this band's scattershot delivery isn't, as they've dissected the meat and potatoes part of each of the aforementioned genres and have permutated them into the five-track EP titled BREAKING THE SURFACE. If you hate screamo and loathe anything with singing even to be considered hardcore, run away now. But if you can deal with some ambiance before blistering leads and don't mind shards of jagged tenderness creeping in and out of tracks like the Dredg-esque "Dufresne, Party of Six", then this outfit will pique your interest and keep you rocking through its genre-bending rollercoaster ride.
- Mike SOS