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Long Island rapcore kings Mad Circle return with another four song sampler that reaffirms that the melding of the two genres still has some ground to cover, especially when the sonic output is as seething as this quintet allows. Able to shake Limp Bizkit right out of their lofty position with growling guitars and dual lead vocals that make Papa Roach look like amateurs, Mad Circle is relentless, adding a metalcore attitude to their urban wares. It's almost as if the infamous collaboration of Onyx and Biohazard had spawned a bastard child, proof positive in the stomping groove of "Loss of Hope", which takes a decisively melodic turn before releasing the screaming demons. So before the last nail is driven in the coffin of what they call rap-metal, allow Mad Circle to dig out from the gravesite with brawn and balls in tow.
- Mike SOS