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Those looking to become acquainted with the pagan, folk, and Viking strain of metal would be remiss to pass on picking up PAGAN FIRE, the 16-track compilation disc assembled by Nuclear Blast. Running the gamut both spatial and stylistically, this collection showcases pioneering squads such as Bathory to the latest acts ranging from Eluveitie to Thyrfing. A bevy of multi-layered metal assaults containing the genre's unique instrumentation, well-textured songwriting, and a flair for the fantastic in all of its glorious splendor is delivered here with a deserved pageantry and revelry leading the brigade. Providing a one stop shop for a place where tin whistles, thrash guitars, symphonic keyboards, and folksy overtones coexist, if your interested has been piqued by the likes of Turisas and Amon Amarth and you'd like to delve further, this is a great place to start. .
- Mike SOS