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Channeling the charisma of early AC/DC, Supagroup return with a whiskey-fueled bluesy boogie-rock barrage of tunes that unapologetically kick your ass on FIRE FOR HIRE. This 12-track tour-de-force of titanic rock 'n roll is long on solos and short on fringes, making songs like “Long Live Rock” as concise as possible without feeling contrite. Hailing from New Orleans and falling prey to Hurricane Katrina has made Supagroup celebrate life much more as exhibited by tracks like the groovy DLR-era Van Halen feel on “Born in Exile” while “Promised Land” radiates both Thin Lizzy and Bon Scott at their most wistful. Supagroup will never be accused of being unique, but they cover their influences with a distinct swagger that almost makes you forgive them for rewriting half the AC/DC catalog. And even though many times this disc treads all too familiar waters, the overall verdict on Supagroup's latest carries two horned hands raised high in the air in homage to the fallen rock stars from the mid-'70s.
- Mike SOS