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NYC quartet Nevereven strike an intriguing middle ground between pop-punk, hard rock, and progressive rock on their eponymous seven-track offering. The dextrous and crunchy guitar work ("Dreamcatcher", "Midnight") really stands out, as their Coheed and Cambria meets Incubus mix goes down smooth yet manages to pack a kind of unassuming yet welcomed punch to the head. Thanks to solid chops and ears to the ground for the last 15 years of rock music, this band is able to take meaningful musical breaks containing the crisp solos and passionate twists found on "Naive Crush" and "Cloud Nine" without sounding overblown or unskilled. Nevereven's genuine delivery and impressive songwriting prowess bolsters this unit's uniquely slanted rock amalgamation enough to warrant repeated listens and rounds of air guitar playing.
- Mike SOS