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Picking up where The Smashing Pumpkins left off, Loudermilk bring majesty back to the rock realm on its debut 14-track disc. This Pacific Northwest based quartet doesn't skimp on excess, yet thanks to some expert production, which boasts such hands as Sylvia Massy, George Drakoulias and Matt Hyde, and an overall love for rock and roll, the grandiose arrangements and lush orchestrations come through as honest as three chord punk rock. Which Loudermilk is seemingly adept at as well, judging by the bubblegum beated "Rock 'n Roll and the Teenage Desperation" and the headstrong and skull crushing "Estrogen Oxygen Aches in the Teeth Again". But, it's when the band weaves both into a beautiful rock blanket, such as the ominous ode to vampires "Juillet", and the woebegone anthem of the heartbroken, "The Twisting", when Loudermilk shows shades of a band on the way to making a legacy for themselves. Throw away all the "the" bands and get on THE RED ALBUM, a work that successfully mixes '70s era glam rock, '80s metal, and '90s alternative with all of the splendid drama sans the gaudy excesses.
- Mike SOS