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There's a certain '90s slacker rock quality audible on HOME that would remind you of J. Mascis or Rivers Cuomo at their most acerbic, as the latest endeavor by Ted Rosedale celebrates crunch-ridden malaise on cuts like "Green" and "619" quite a bit on this album. But for all the tasty guitar licks emulating everyone from David Gilmour to Tom Petty to Kurt Cobain to John Mayer ("Alright", "Ice Cream Man #5"), it's the 11-track outing's sharp and smart lyrical wistfulness, served with a shuffle on "Unforgettable", a barrage of nastiness on "619" and with swirling Beatle-esque melody on "Don't Be Long", that sets this disc miles apart from the sea of American Idol-influenced exercise in vanity solo records flooding the market.
- Mike SOS