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North Carolina's Leadfoot return with more rollicking, raucous rock 'n' roll action on its latest 13-track endeavor WE DRINK FOR FREE. Southern fried hard rock is what this quintet delivers, and while the band may be best known as an offshoot of heavyweights COC, the identity Leadfoot maintains as a band that likes to party, drink, drug up, and most of all, rock out is quite evident. Songs like "Saturday Knight" and "Champion of Living" have got the Alabama rock stomp built right in, kind of like a modern day Skynyrd, while at other times, Leadfoot channels the ghosts of '70s hard rock on such tracks like the Thin Lizzy laced "Before It Was Over". Leadfoot go retro on your nu metal ass, and be damned if you don't pop open a Pabst Blue Ribbon and join the boys in a celebration of Dixie-style metal.
- Mike SOS