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Bursting with pop music pomp, the latest nine-track endeavor by Secret Dakota Ring finds mainman (and OK Go guitarist) Andy Ross and friends dabbling in giddy '60s rock motifs complete with Burt Bacharach-like compositions and instrumentations, rich vocal harmonies, well-placed string arrangements, and delicate melodies. CANTARELL is a lighthearted affair that wouldn't sound out of place coming through the speakers of an upscale boutique's soundsystem, as cuts like "I Blew Myself Up Over You" and the cosmic "Sell Us A Spaceship" merge a whole lot of The Beatles, the quieter material of Smashing Pumpkins and Big Star to comprise a bevy of naturally sweet pop music treats easily digested and memorable long after the last organ note from the slightly melancholic shuffle of "Still Awake" is played.
- Mike SOS