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Using the maligned deathcore template as a foundation for their melodic death metal with tinges of Unearth-esque metalcore strewn in concoction ("Behold the Frigid Realm of Div"), Arizona quintet Knights of the Abyss return with a serviceable if unspectacular 12-track follow-up to JUGGERNAUT. SHADES continue along the same path with similarly sweeping Swedish metal guitar runs and venomous vocal vitriol buzzing through tracks like "Don't Feed the Heathens", "The Penalty of the Tyrant", and the Black Dahlia Murder-influenced "Dis Unveiled". While falling prey to a saturated market, Knights of the Abyss don't stand out as much as they survive the wreckage thanks to an impressive slash and burn start-stop thrash attack and their solid yet done to death majestic take on the deathcore style they choose to follow.
- Mike SOS