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Sacramento, CA metalcore troupe Elysia demonstrates how well their jaded viewpoints meet with abrasive dissonance on the aggressive nine-track disc LION OF JUDAS. Blending various degrees of the metal realm's schools of thought to develop a truly unnerving sound, this Kurt Ballou produced affair captures the band creating their version of modern hardcore with gnashed teeth gritting and fresh scars still bleeding on cuts like "Curse of God" and "Plague of Insects". Rendering a relentless assault on the senses mainly from massive doses of seething vocal anger, potentially explosive musical situations come early and often thanks to burly and belligerent breakdowns seemingly readily available at every juncture. While this offering isn't for everyone, those who require advance metalcore upgrades may get some enjoyment from the scalding title track and the Colsieum meets Terror stomp of
"Lack of Culture"
- Mike SOS