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Continuing their quest to mesh the diabolical tones of black metal with post hardcore heft and tech metal savvy, Withered returns with their sophomore effort, the 10-track FOLIE CIRCULAIRE. Maintaining a icy glaze even while mired in between meaty and massive sludge-metal riffs ("Drawn Black Drapes"), Withered's well-balanced diet of ground and pound grit and sweeping grandiosity yield monstrous metal anthems like "Gnosis Unveils", channeling the spirits of Enslaved, Mastodon, and Emperor simulataneously while "Putrification of Ignorance" hypnotizes with a lulling passage before throwing down a full-on black metal barrage dripping with Nordic doom. Perhaps stumbling upon the new sound of metal, Withered's latest well-rounded endeavor injects the extreme metal genre with a slew of new and exciting possibilities, as their bold throwing out of the rulebook and unapologetic embracing of all heavy forms of darkness has made for a tantalizing display of metal that forward thinking metalheads will fall in love with.
- Mike SOS