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Taking a cosmic route to desert rock riches, the Salt Lake City trio Iota showcase their mammoth sound and love for all things psychedelic via the five-track, 50 minute stoner rock explosion known as TALES. Dipping the blues in acid seems to be a pastime for this band, as "The Sleeping Heathen" demonstrates their prowess for trippy basslines over sledgehammer rhythms with dollops of dazzling guitars guaranteed to elicit numerous flashbacks. Oodles of feedback, a hearty helping of fuzz, and a variety of tempo changes that you can ride for days are just some of the strengths this album boasts to wrap your head around for a while. A perfect amalgamation of Soundgarden, Hawkwind, and Nebula, Iota feeds your head with endless swirls of crushed black sunshine brazen with the pure rock power to send your soul into another worldly dimension.
- Mike SOS