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Jesuseater has a disgustingly offensive name, yet the 10 tracks that comprise STEP INSIDE MY DEATHRAY may be a bit tumultuous, but they are by no means dangerous or remotely unpleasant. Instead, this Baltimore quartet's blend of indie, stoner and hard rock is quite the loud rock treat, displaying ample influences by such heavyweights as Clutch, Helmet and Rollins Band. Produced by hardcore guru Brian McTernan, the tense vibes and dramatic interchanges, such as in the slow rolling "Happier Than Dreams" and the quelude enhanced tempo of "Bloodworms and Cigarettes" are painstakingly brilliant and utterly destructive. The pure volume that Jesuseater craves is personified by the band's durable guitar riffs and lead singer Shawn Brown's lyrical rants, which border on being psychotically prophetic, almost like Chris Farley when he portrayed the guy that lived in a van down by the river. Always amped to 11, without remorse but with a strong stream of consciousness intact, Jesuseater will make your ears ring and your head swim.
- Mike SOS