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Jeff Sanders is the brainchild behind the project Mountain Mirrors and its latest album, the well-textured 11-track DREADNOUGHT. Yielding a prog rock majesty with the synth rock flourishings of early Pink Floyd while composed with the low-lit glow reserved for bands like Steely Dan and Coldplay, Mountain Mirrors intertwines the darker vibes permeated modern day heavy acoustic acts like Tantric and retains the spirit of angst-ridden grunge gone mellow a la Alice in Chains and Temple of the Dog ("Better Days") to create a melancholic melange suitable for deep thought. Presenting a meditative and serene aura on the surface, an undercurrent of intensity a la Alan Parsons Project pervades after a few listens over cuts such as "Riot Within" while "Field of Grass" pounds out an industrially-charged bass groove with the fretwork of early Sabbath. Melding metal's darker elements without having to crank it to 11, Mountain Mirrors' furnish a strong shot of atmospheric and somber folk rock which somehow makes Radiohead, Tool, and Anathema coagulate effortlessly on the same mix tape.
- Mike SOS