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Brooding post hardcore whose massive tones shake the earth is what both the latest crop of metalgaze outfits rising through the ranks Tides and Giant specialize in, fleshing out instrumental textures over expansive rhythms and majestic compositions on this two band, three-song split disc. Up first is Tides, who go sans vocals and with Pelican-esque attention to detail on "The Invisible" before mellowing out on the mainly acoustic guitar driven "Unfinished Highways". Up next is Giant, whose roaring hardcore vocals leave aural welts as well as an identity, complimenting this quintet's three-guitar grandiose yet metallic interpretation of Isis meets Rosetta with intriguing songwriting twists, but be warned... if you hate this style of music, you'll really hate this disc. If it's all about crescendo through repetition for you metalgazers, then this tandem's split will serve you well.
- Mike SOS