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Long Island trio Exemption display a musically rich yet heavy-handed assault adorned with intriguing songwriting on the 11-track endeavor THE RABBIT HOLE. Fully enjoying the benefits an armament of deadly tones that instantly morph guitar heroics and clobbering moshpit warfare with rectified arena rock sized atmosphere yields, cuts like "Tiempo Cura Tiempo Mala" and the hauntingly hypnotic before going chaotic "Bear Food" testify this unit's versatile dynamics. Cutting on their teeth on a steady supply of Down, Strapping Young Lad, System of a Down, COC, The Beatles, and Alice in Chains, this group's well-travelled sound displays an acumen wise beyond its years, imbibing in the fine aromas of trippy psychedlic rock and expansive space rock that saw its heyday way before any of their birthdays on "Hellion Ardor" and "Chunderpuss". The seething metallic crunch running through this album bows down to Zakk Wylde and Dimebag, laying in neck-snapping riffs and viscous sludge metal breakdowns ("Pissing on the Third Rail") and jarring pinch harmonics while the vocals shift moods and styles accordingly with a fine sense of range and emotion to rage out when needed ("36 Dead Hookers") or lay back and revel in the stoner rock jam going down. A band that rocks with brains and balls and brutality is damn hard to find, but Exemption combines the three, firing out a fierce full tilt attack that exposes this poweful band's impossible to not be impacted by presence.
- Mike SOS