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Straight from the fume-filled garage to the bright lights of the stage, the rawk trio named Lords and Barons shimmy with a soulful '70s vibe intact on their eponymous 11-track offering. This enigmatic troupe which hails from La-La land (Los Angeles to you, buster) have got a lot of White Stripes in them ("Schema") but also bust out some sweet Thin Lizzy-esque riffs when need be for added oomph ("Wile") and despite not listing a bassist, display a cavernous bottom end on cuts like "Come Around" that keeps the head nodding constantly. Exhibiting an air of mystery (just check out their rather uninformative Myspace page) and a penchant for rock you can sink your teeth into, Lords and Barons pump it up and let it all hang loose, perfect for the rock fan that demands unpretentious and unrequitted rock 'n roll that spans mainly from the super sounds of the '70s through the stripped-down sounds of today.
- Mike SOS