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Featuring a very-different sounding Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness, Millgram) at the microphone, the abrasive quintet Raw Radar War must have travelled through their record collections and stopped at the early '90s for inspiration when comprising the crushingly heavy underground sounds audible on their curiously titled 15-track = =. Piecing remnants of Bolt Thrower, Bad Brains, Entombed, and Cro-Mags together to form a viscous guitar assault whose heft is exemplified by the swift and hard-hitting rhythm section who steamroll through the sludge poured from "Lack of Fire Discipline", keep up with the blinding speed of "Crucify Me", and maintain the hardcore brutality found on "Greed Redux", this 15 song in 27 minute and never a dull moment landmark release unleashes a venomous vitirolic aggression that is as real as it gets, right down to the painfully slow outro brought on by the deconstructive seven-minute "Truckloads of Ammunition".
- Mike SOS