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Ambient, indeed. This Long Island solo project borders on the self-indulgent side at times, yet the ingenuity behind the project named Icecake shines bright and lasts long after the first listen. With influences that mesh the spacey '70s sounds of Pink Floyd and the like to today's digital gurus, such as Moby, Icecake's vision, supplemented by both computerized and organic musical instruments, create lush soundscapes that anyone can easily get deeply imbibed by. For a good example of such an existential experience, check out the floating dynamics of "Reality & You", where Icecake juxtaposes computerized voices over a diminutive electronic beat, only to emphatically raise and lower the volumes for maximum mindgames. If the experimental, instrumental side of rock music is your bag, Icecake provides enough suitable material for pensive thought and overall relaxation.
- Mike SOS