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When reading the production credits on this disc, the German quartet The Destiny Program display a bunch of A-list metal help who lent a hand in the making of SUBVERSIVE BLUEPRINT, as Tue Madsen, Anders from In Flames, Jacob Hansen, and Daniel Bergastrand all took part behind the scenes on this affair. Ultimately though, it's this unit's penchant for whipping up concrete slabs of multi-influenced hardcore with alternative leanings like "Mithar" that stands out most on this 12-track endeavor. There's a huge Poison the Well meets Refused vibe radiated across the span of cuts like "Dreva", while the abrasive riffs and seething screaming found on songs like "The Appeal" and "The Frequency" maintain the band's foothold with the modern metal crowd with all of the checklisted devices running on full capacity. Brimming over with an intense display of passion, this adventurous squad manipulates technology as ardently as they beat the hell out of their instruments, tinkering with a standard formula mired in monotony by implementing heartfelt emotional hues taken from brethren genres to round out their fiery attack. Forward-thinking and dynamic, The Destiny Program resides where lush musical interludes and rough and tumble breakdowns come alive to incite the rebellious spirit of their music's roots.
- Mike SOS