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UK deathcore squad Eternal Lord trumps up some impressive melodeath moments on their latest endeavor BLESSED BE THIS NIGHTMARE, but the majority of this 11-track massacre demonstrates a unit unafraid to unleash a bloody and brutal onslaught of spastic rhythms and blood-curdling screams. Tracks like "The Damned" straddle the line between metalcore and deathcore before throwing down the customary ridiculous breakdown, while "Ten Forty Five" scours the grime from the bottom of your sewer pipe with its abrasive guitarwork and "O Brothel Where Art Thou" exhibits that this quintet can switch gears from technical to bowel-shaking with relative ease. Although proficient, the wares shown on this disc aren't too distant from countless other band's similarly competent offerings, giving Eternal Lord the tough spot of being a band who play well but don't radiate a definitive aura that separates them in between many other bands of the same ilk.
- Mike SOS