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Italian metal quintet Stigma (not related at all to anything with Stigma from Agnostic Front) dish out a punishing yet progressive post-Gothenburg melodeath smörgåsbord with WHEN MIDNIGHT STRIKES. Excellent guitar recreations of At the Gates compliment the meandering deathcore influences that fall in and out of each track while a steady stream of The Crown meets As I Lay Dying with hints of Cannibal Corpse adorn tracks such as "Epitaph of Pain". Oh yeah, this band is also obsessed with gore and horror, as these elements are exclusively written about as soundbites from genre-related movies are taken as a sort of Absinthe-esque icing on this caustic cake. Providing a cohesive array of metal nuances packaged with calculated chaos, much like the zombies and ghouls of this act's lyrical content, Stigma's churning assault of metal doesn't rest until the unending pursuit for your hapless soul ends up in the favor of the dead.
- Mike SOS