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Hailing from Long Island, NY, the seething hardcore quintet This is Hell meld their Comeback Kid meets Hatebreed wares into 13 tracks bursting with immediacy. Properly portraying relentless displays of aggression and distress with a NYHC backdrop, tracks like "Without Closure" and "You Are the Antithesis" contain the breakneck velocity and contagious hooks would make Sick of it All proud, while "Fearless Vampires" and "In Shambles" get the pit moving with chugging riffs and gang vocals aplenty. Demonstrating an old school tenacity of the bands that ruled back in the day with a slew of modern twists, MISFORTUNES illuminates the band's overall progression and can easily be labeled This is Hell's most refined offering, a tag that may upset those who have relied on the band solely for raw aggression.
- Mike SOS