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Boasting an impressive lineup of seasoned post-hardcore players and a ferocious sound that rages from the opening seconds, Philadelphia quintet Javelina bowl over the listener with a pummeling array of punk, sludge, and metal. This unit's eponymous nine-track debut takes as much from Eyehategod as they do Motorhead, encompassing an abrasive attitude with the molten metallic din to match on cuts like "Ghost Pain" and "Let the Blood Flow" while barked-out feral grunts lead the syrupy charge on tracks like "Asbestos". Summoning the collective spirits of Buzzoven, Black Flag, and others who embrace the caustically crusty underbelly of rock, Javelina's inaugural affair effectively relocates the sound of southern fried NOLA metal to the City of Brotherly Love for a bleak Northeastern outlook chock full of viscous riffs and earth shakingly massive rhythms.
- Mike SOS