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Austrian hardcore troupe Misbegotten sure have boned up on their NYHC chops on this veteran act's latest disc, the 10-track KEEPING PROMISES. Sounding like the bastard spawn of Agnostic Front and Madball with an abundance of Hatebreed thrown in for good measure, Misbegotten's neck-snapping crunch is terribly unoriginal and a bit dated at that, but it still packs a potent punch akin to a strong shot to the gut on cuts like "Make This Last" and "Brave New World". Add in a pinch of groove-laden Bay Area thrash metal a la Machine Head and a touch of Swedish metal ("Thorns Grow Between Us") churned into the mix and the results lend to a crushing yet far from groundbreaking affair whose gruff screams, thick riffs, and pounding rhythms are well executed but have the heard it all before vibe reverberated throughout.
- Mike SOS