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One of the taglines accompanying SLANIA reads "heavier than your average folk band" and that's an understatement. In fact, if you were to strip the hurdy gurdy and flute from the mix of this 10-track affair, you'd be left with an impressive slab of modern-day melodic extreme metal. Elvertie is a eight-piece outfit hailing from Switzerland whose Gothenburg sound worship found in much of the riff and vocal lines ring with as much resonance as the tin whistles and fiddles located on "Elembivos" and the Children of Bodom go to Stonehenge number "Grey Sublime Archon". In fact, if you absolutely loathe the style and you can get past the Riverdance-esque instrumentation and pagan metal motif that propels the somber traditionally-influenced "Anagantios", there's still a hearty shot of metallic firepower to be heard on tracks like "Tarvos" and the crushing "Bloodstained Ground" to satisfy even the most hellacious hunger for headbanging. And if you're a lover of all that Celtic thunder and folklore, then old world charm espoused by this unit will enchant you beyond your wildest expectations.
- Mike SOS