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Modern hard rock primarily leaning on bands like Staind, Daughtry, Our Lady Peace, and Hurt for influence best describes Vayden, the Phoenix, AZ quartet whose 12-track affair screams for mass appeal and is perfectly poised for commercial rock radio success. Big riffs, strong usage of modern hard rock's dynamic and dramatic elements, and a killer vocalist who pours the proper emotion into each track without sounding contrived are just a few of the positives tracks like the campfire acoustic tune "Zoe's Song" and the heavy-handed hard rock of "Uniforms" display. Melding big rock hooks and driving rock rhythms reminiscent of Trapt and Three Days Grace with pinches of more left of center band's styles like Dredg popping up every now and then, Vayden's brand of modern rock malaise expounds the virtues of today's hard rock's upper echelon while their own budding distinct identity continues to bloom underneath the melodic choruses.
- Mike SOS