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Canadian quintet Farewell to Freeway straddle the line between belligerent metalcore and radio-friendly emo well enough to warrant repeat listens of the band's debut 11-track disc DEFINITIONS. Despite the fact that there are times on this offering that may confuse the listener into thinking this is some kind of split release between two distinct units, tracks like "Bat Wings" and "Lemmings" succinctly swing the metal hammer while "Convictions" highlights the squad's expansive and shimmering side and "The Awakening" finds the band at its most melodic. Some may call FTF's genre-jumping an identity crisis, but the band expresses that they have what it takes to take it in either direction, embracing new jack heft as well as punk rock sensitivity. If you dig bands that dabble in diversity a la Thrice yet still come out with a winning soundtrack no matter what they concoct, the starter steps set in motion by Farewell to Freeway are bound to please.
- Mike SOS