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to incorporate elements of classic metal and loads of head-spinning space rock on the aptly titled II. This nine-track disc may from afar sound like it was recorded in a dank basement in England in 1973, but it truly was built for headphones, as the rich acoustic guitars leading the trippy Sabbath-ballad-esque "Escape the Crimson Sun" and underneath the tumultuous din of "Wicked Temptress" sound absolutely huge in a controlled environment, while the sinewy groove laid down on "By the Toll of the Bell" maintains the favored mid-tempo pace this band normally employs. Despite Sahg's multitude of bold excursions into celestial realms, they still find time to lay earth to waste with sharp riffs found on cuts like the driving "Pyromancer" while overall present a dark and fuzzed out stoner rock and doom metal fusion that fans of Nebula, Monster Magnet, and Trouble are sure to go mad over.
- Mike SOS