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Packing 13 high octane punk rock tracks into a 33 minute stretch, Staten Island's The Blame take sneering vocals and beer swigging refrains straight from the pubs right into the heart of their latest release GAME OVER. Tracks like "New Generation" and "America For Sale" exhibit the bitterness of learning the truth about life with the rebellious musical defiance of Johnny Thunders and Ramones spilling over while "Can't Find a Reason" and "Yesterday Today" catch a glimpse of punk rock love. And if you hail from NYC and can't relate to the fist pumping anthems "Streets of NY" and "New York City", then you should turn in your driver's license immediately. Big Apple to the bone and punk rock to the max, play this one loud and proud when snagged in a morning traffic jam or while rollerblading through the park to catch the old school punk rock aura The Blame so successfully recreate.
- Mike SOS