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Relive the golden age of thrash metal with UK sensation Evile and their walloping 10-track release ENTER THE GRAVE. This quartet, produced by the man responsible for Metallica's early work(Fleming Rasmussen), exhibit the kind of vintage speed freak rhythms and hearty headbanging riffs that helped bands like Megadeth and Testament ascend to the heights of the metal realm. Cuts like "Man Against Machine" and "Burned Alive" stay tried and true to the genre right down to the blistering lead guitar solos, while "We Who Are About to Die" take it down a notch by working at an overall slower pace while keeping the intensity at a fever pitch a la Overkill and Vio-lence. Looking for a new soundtrack to do the toxic waltz to? Maybe need some new tunes to spread the disease and climb over the wall with? Look no further, denizens of the denim jacket patch era, your new favorite band is here to dole out some 1986-style whiplash.
- Mike SOS