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The prolific one-man black metal machine Xasthur has unleashed another grand opus shining a light on the darker side of life with DEFECTIVE EPITAPH. Now including real drums into the lethal lo-fi mix for an added sense of dread and organic decay, tracks like "Legacy of Human Irrelevance" demonstrates Xasthur's sound at its most dank and doom-laden, while "Funeral Drenched in Apathy" use waves of guitar and cello dissonance to summon the hair-raising and unsettling feelings of turmoil and despair. Channeling the bleak underbelly of life into songs such as "Oration of Ruin", every measured drum hit and haunted shriek emanating from this 12-track offering sends chills down your spine and implements a true sense of disturbance that will resonate in your head long after the final strains of "Unblessed Be..." ring out.
- Mike SOS