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Sprawling and epic, the experimental Philadelphia band Rosetta continue to boggle the brain with their expansive sound, tense build ups and unique musical vision. WAKE/LIFT is the quartet's latest offering, a seven-track affair where skull-crushing heaviness and tranquil ambience frequently intersect and strangely coexist. Dynamic shifts and mood alterations occur often, sometimes within the span of a same track ("Monument"), as a broad range of emotions are stirred up across a typical Rosetta song. Only problem is that there's nothing typical about this band, whose Isis meets Tool by way of Explosions in the Sky vibe constructs impenetrable sound structures laden with sturdy riffs that assist budding rhythms ripen into massive musical explosions, only to be tucked away into patterns of glistening guitars and far away screams. WAKE/LIFT is an album that projects an avant-garde attitude without sacrificing an ounce of aggression, making it a must listen to those on the experimental metal side of the fence.
- Mike SOS