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NYC meets Australian rock crew Mink play their refined rock 'n roll loud and proud on their 12-track eponymous disc. Armed with gigantic glam rock hooks, a vocally-versatile frontman, and a rowdy array of big badass hard rock riffs ("Pressure Pressure", "Madame Chung"), Mink falls somewhere in between The New York Dolls, The Strokes, and Velvet Revolver while presenting the sinewy shimmy on "Untouchable", the garage-rock feel of "New York Summer", the Pumpkins meets Stooges bite of "Pills", and the Strokes-esque "Talk to Me". Superb production (just check out the smoky vibes emitted from the melancholic "Will Not Let You Down") and big connections aside, Mink is enriched with a genuine sense of rock 'n roll savvy that you can't fake, making their disc a wise choice for those about to rock.
- Mike SOS