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Unorthodoxically heavy and unabashedly avant-garde, the Chicago troupe known as Yakuza produce another epic release in the form of TRANSMUTATIONS. This 11-track affair comes alive with chameleon-esque charm, morphing from brooding ambiance to hyper grind all within the course of the 60 minute run time. Expansive and experimental yet crushingly heavy at a moment's notice, everything from Candiria to Today is the Day to Isis and Tool could be used as a loose reference as to what to expect from songs like "Praying for Asteroids" and "Existence Into Oblivion". Let go of your inhibitions and allow Yakuza to transport you away to a land where dissonant sluggish rhythms collide with saxophone-led dirges on cuts like "Perception Management", truly encapsulating and overwhelming your sensory system.
- Mike SOS