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Embracing and radiating the long lost filthy NYC punk rock spirit that left long before CBGB's closed its doors, the Queens-based Yo!Scunt pull no punches and make no excuses for their jarring musical dissonance, controversial song lyrics, or in your face style. On this depraved squad's 11-track offering, the band climbs out of the gutter long enough to throwdown venomous punk rock like "I Can't Wait to sk8" and "Self Abuse". Brazen with a total disregard for decency, a deplorable sense of diplomacy, and an uncouth sexual prowess that creepily comes out on cuts like "Happy Ending" and the contagious X-rated gem "Cummy Tummy", any band that can not only get away with a song called "Honkey Spic Nigger Slope", but can get a racially-diverse crowd to sing and dance along must be doing something right, even if at first glance it seems so wrong. Unsanitized and unruly, Yo!Scunt takes punk rock back from the clueless masses and brings it back down to the days where the attitude and lifestyle lived solely on an underground level.
- Mike SOS