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The most amazing thing about the NYC quintet known as Resolution 15 is that the scorching guitar solos you hear on cuts like "No Recourse" on their eponymous eight-track offering are in fact not played on a guitar. Yes, re-read that phrase a few times and brace yourself...those staccato chugs on "New Security Measures" and scintillating runs are all played on electric violin. There are actually two electric violins duking it out throughout this entire punishing progressive metal affair, laying down some serious groove and cascading twin solo wizardry on "Blowback" while mercilessly ripping a hole in your skull on the crusher titled "Katsu!!!". And to top it all off, the rest of the unit, comprised of the traditional engine of bass, drums, and vocals, all slay in their respective positions, releasing an unheralded aggressive assault that shares likenesses to acts like Megadeth, Meshuggah, and Pantera. Remarkably fresh yet discernibly heavy, if you enjoy being immersed in crunchy metal that comes from an unlikely source of instrumentation, Resolution 15 is a band you must check out.
- Mike SOS