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North Carolina's Widow have undergone major reconstructive surgery, leaving a female vocalist without a band while amping up the testosterone tenfold on their latest 11-track offering NIGHTLIFE. Sleazy thrash metal that chalks up big riffs and big fun is what this disc screams from the opening strands of "First Born" and the dumb-fun bawdiness circulated on "Teacher's Pet". Everything from UFO to Motley Crue gets thrown in the cauldron here, as this quartet combines a glammy center with some British steel tough guitars harkening back to the days of Saxon and early Def Leppard on "Beauty Queen". If a bastardized combination of Bang Tango, Thin Lizzy, and a touch of Venom (brought on via the overwrought yet entertaining death vocals) sounds like a Saturday night special to you, then allow Widow to provide the soundtrack to your evening via their latest NWOBHM meets Sunset Strip opus.
- Mike SOS